The Right Fit for Your Form: How Can Size Chart Help?

The Right Fit for Your Form: How Can Size Chart Help?

Finding clothes and shapewear that fit can be hard for many, especially as we live in an era where shopping online has become the norm. To find the right fit your best friend will be the size chart. 

They are often found on the websites of wholesale waist trainers, and they will provide detailed guidelines and measurements to help customers find the right size for their bodies. 

It is crucial to understand size charts and know how to use them correctly. This will reduce returns and exchanges and any frustration they might cause. But they will also make sure that your shapewear and clothes look good.  But most importantly they’ll feel comfortable as well. 

Let’s understand size charts 

They are typically divided into different measurements, which correspond to some parts of the body. They usually include measurements for the waist, hips, and chest. And sometimes the length of the sleeve and shirt. 

When we focus on pants, they tend to also include inseam and thigh measurements. Pieces like dresses or suits include length measurements too. Knowing your measurements will help you use the charts effectively. 

Why does size matter? 

Knowing your size of shapewear will reduce exchange and returns. Most of the time, incorrect sizing is one of the main reasons for returns. They are not only time-consuming but also costly for customers as for the retailers.

When you consult the size charts before buying, you’ll be ensuring that you are selecting the right size and minimizing the need to exchange or return items.  


It will help enhance the appearance and comfort. Shapewear with the right size will look better and be more comfortable. Sometimes pieces that are too loose or too tight can be uncomfortable and unflattering. 

Besides as a brand, you can build brand loyalty. When consumers find brands that fit them well, they are probably going to become returning customers. As a brand, it is important to provide easy-to-understand size charts. They help build trust with customers. And these customers, knowing they have reliable size charts, will shop again. 

How to effectively use the size charts?

One of the most important steps is to take accurate measurements if you want to get the perfect built-in shaper dress. Make sure you are using a flexible measuring tape. For the chest size, you’ll need to measure around the fullest part.

For the waist, you need to take measurements around the narrowest part. And for the hips, you’ll need to measure around the widest part. The measuring tape should be snug but not too tight. 

The next step is to compare your measurements to the size chart. Always pay attention to any guidelines or notes that the retailer provides. Usually, sizing varies significantly between different brands. Some charts might offer a range of measurements for each size. This will help you decide if you are on the edge of one size or another.

It’s important to consider the fit and style too. The different types of shapewear can and will fit differently. Make sure you are always reading the product description and consider the fit of the clothing and shapewear.  


Another aspect to consider is stretchability and the fabric. Fabrics definitely affect how your clothing and shapewear will fit. Materials that are more stretchable like elastase or spandex are more flexible in sizing. And on the contrary, fabrics with no stretch might require a more precise fit. Always pay attention to the materials when choosing a size. 

Is there a future for size charts?

Size charts are starting to become more sophisticated as technology keeps advancing. There are brands and retailers that offer virtual fitting rooms. You can now input your measurements and you’ll get a representation of how the piece will fit your body. Some other brands now use augmented reality or AI to provide more personalized size recommendations. 

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