Simple mistakes to avoid if you want to sell your property quick

When it comes to selling your home, it can be time-consuming for first-timer. Besides, it can be emotionally exhausting and challenging if during the process of selling is handed roughly which might end you up in small claims tribunal. When you end up in small claims tribunal, you will end up wasting more time and effort to claim from the dispute between you and the seller. 

However, there could be reasons why such incidents happened, some of which can be the house owner’s mistakes itself. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid if you want to close the deal in the quickest and smoothest way possible. 

1. Totally forgotten to clean your house for viewing 
First impression matters - the classic advise for everyone, be it for first date or first viewing with potential buyers. You will be able to confidently convince your buyer by saying that the house will be guaranteed clean when they move in. On the contrary, if the house is a messy and dirty one, the first reaction they will give is shock and disgust, there goes your potential buyer. But, do take note that all the houses put for sale in the market are competing with one another. Some of these houses have been renovated and cleaned up for viewing, so those not tidied up will look less attractive. For house owners who are pet lovers, ensure that the compound is clean as well. It would be a deal breaker if the buyer were to step on the droppings or seeing pet’s fur on the floor. 

2. Sky high property price 
Every seller has the intention to maximise their profit when you get rid of your house, but if you price your property at an outrageous rate which immediately turns down your potential buyers. Many sellers think that marking up the price will leave more room for bargaining when the buyers asks for discount, however they fail to realise that the price tag is too high and it can be a mistake. House hunters would be reluctant to approach the seller if they knew the price is way out of their budget. This might result your house being on the market for a long time. After a long period, if there’s no interested buyer ringing your door bell, perhaps you may consider to adjust your pricing lower. 

3. Engaging the wrong agent 
If you think of skipping in engaging an agent, that could be a big mistake. However, hiring a wrong agent is going to cost you big headaches and heartaches. Most property owners will pick the agent that gives them the highest price and experienced agent with the best marketing strategy and plan to sell your property. In that case, your requirement of engaging an agent is an agent that has working experience in the area in which the property is situated and have a depth of knowledge on the property market. 

4. Going for ‘hard sell’ approach 
There are times if you tried too hard, that’s when things don’t work out. The same logic apply to property selling. Opting to use ‘hard sell’ approach can lead to potential buyers finding you annoying and irritating. No one wants to be pushed and forced to make such an important decision quickly. Thus, if you keep calling them or constantly telling them the good features of the property, then they might immediately say no to you because overselling is always a bad idea. 

5. Taking bad quality pictures of the property 
We all do know that first impression matters. In the age of internet, most of the house hunters will either look for a house on the line or at least do a quick research at property websites. If the house looks unattractive, they may not even bother to drive to the location for viewing. After all, a picture worth more than a thousand words. Avoid taking your property pictures in low resolution, dim lighting and awkward angles. Such images can immediately turn off buyers. It is also important to use a good camera and if you have the budget, you can consider hiring a professional photographer that specializes in taking property photos. Don’t forget that picture sells. Click here to see tips on taking property photos.

Hope these tips can help you guys, :)


Assalamualaikum..terima kasih sebab singgah, komen yang baik2 ja tau !! nanti sha singgah blog korang..In Sha Allah :)

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Assalamualaikum..terima kasih sebab singgah, komen yang baik2 ja tau !! nanti sha singgah blog korang..In Sha Allah :)

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