Organ donation should be encourage among Malaysian

Organ donation can be defined as people offering their organs for transplant once they die. Their organs are given to someone who has damaged organs that need to be replaced to save their lives. In my opinion, there are several reasons why organ donation should be encouraged among Malaysian.

First and foremost, while many people are willing to be living donors, not everyone has the qualities necessary to participate in living donation. The organ donor and recipient need to be genetically similar. According to Chua 2004, organ donors are usually siblings, parents, spouses and close relatives who have family or close friends of patients. However, donors must be chosen carefully in order to avoid outcomes that are medically and psychologically unsatisfactory.

Apart from this, society must think that organ donation as standard aspect of patient care (Cruez, 2008). If Malaysian changes their mindset, with regard organ donation as a custom order to save another life after death rather than allow their organs go to waste. Furthermore, many religions around the world recognize the organ and tissue donation as a noble practice. And it was done in good faith with the intent to help others simply.

Last but not the least, organs can be donated are kidneys, heart, liver (liver), lungs and pancreas. Tissues can be donated are eyes, bone, skin and heart valves. This means thata donor will be able to change lives and save some patients.

In conclusion, people are encouraged to consider organ donation to save lives of other human beings. Therefore, many initiatives have been made to encourage people to donate organs to save people who need them. In this way, the life of the recipient of the organ or tissue will be more comfortable and perfect, and lives will be saved.


Assalamualaikum..terima kasih sebab singgah, komen yang baik2 ja tau !! nanti sha singgah blog korang..In Sha Allah :)

  1. derma organ ni mmg kurang pendedahan info kan. ;)

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Assalamualaikum..terima kasih sebab singgah, komen yang baik2 ja tau !! nanti sha singgah blog korang..In Sha Allah :)

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